This Schneider Trophy website has been created for everyone that has an interest in early Aviation, and more specifically the 12 events that advanced aviation from under 50 mph to over 400 mph. Winning any of these 12 events gave bragging rights to nations, made heroes of their pilots and thrills to millions. These were the SCHNEIDER TROPHY races.

We continue to search the internet to find relevant information and sites that will allow the surfer to easily locate information about these great events, both the original events and those created in various scales to replicate history and these incredible aircraft. If anyone has any information or sites we have left out, please contact the site administrator so we can continue to build the best source site for the Schneider Trophy information and events.
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London Bridge Seaplane Classic RC Float Fly
Schneider Books, 3 Views and Drawings
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Schneider Cup Re-Enactment Giant Scale RC Event
History of the Schneider Trophy
Building and Flying the 1/3rd Scale Curtiss R3C-2
Reprint of Forbes "Doolittle's Disciples" article
Photos from the Schneider Cup Re-enactment events
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Roland Garros at Monaco by Steve Remington
Schneider Trophy to Spitfire by John K.Shelton
R.J. Mitchell and the final Schneider Trophy Races
Acquisition and Restoration of the 1931 World Speed Record Trophy
Schneider Cup Re-Enactment Video
1/3rd Scale Curtiss R3C-2 returns home and is being converted to electric
Eligible Aircraft for the Schneider Cup Re-Enactment
Schneider Cup Re-Enactment Rules
Schneider Cup Committee by Year
British Pathe Newsreel Footage of Schneider Cup Aircraft
RCM France coverage of 91 Schneider Cup Re-Enactment
Lord Price Collection of Original Schneider Trophy Posters and Pictures
The Schneider Trophy contest: 1913-1931 - December'12 Lecture
Schneider Trophy Air Races 1920s / 1930s .
BIll Hills photos of the 1989 Seaplane Classic and Schneider Cup Re-Enactment
Katie Martin Memorial Tribute June 1, 2013
Katie Martin International Tribute June 7, 2014
Katie Martin International Tribute June 6, 2015
Katie Martin International Tribute June 4, 2016
Katie Martin International Tribute June 3, 2017
Katie Martin International Tribute June 2, 2018
Jean de Besombes 1991 RCM article
Curtiss Returns Home  and its transformation into electric power
Aircraft List by Manufacturer, event year entered and race number
Restoration of the 1931 World Speed Record Trophy
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The Reno National Championship Air Races
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A look at the history of the National Air Races and a view from a pylon.
2018 London Bridge Seaplane Classic
 November 9th, 10th and 11th, 2018
Katie Tribute 2018
My lovely wife of 46 years, Katie Martin, was a very important person, not only to me but to the industry she loved as much as I.  Besides being my partner in life, co-founder of Bob Martin RC Models, she also was the energy that kept our businesses going and my inspiration in all endeavors. She served as an AMA Club president twice securing a permanent flying site for that club, was editor of several newsletters and selected as National Newsletter Editor of the year, elected to Hawk of the Year, most distinguished club member, created the graphics for this website and co-founder of the Schneider-Cup Re-enactment and London Bridge Seaplane Classic. She is on the AMA Walk of Fame. We lost her in Dec. 2010. As a Tribute to this great lady, individuals and clubs around the world are staging an annual fly in June of each year.  If you would like to join in, click on the banner above and contact the thread moderator for more information.