Schneider Cup Artwork and Posters
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History of the Schneider Trophy
Full Scale Schneider Cup Links
London Bridge Seaplane Classic RC Float Fly
Schneider Cup Re-Enactment Giant Scale RC Event
Schneider Cup Aircraft Plans, Kits, Services and Products
Schneider Trophy Home
Schneider Books, 3 Views and Drawings
Building and Flying the 1/3rd Scale Curtiss R3C-2
Reprint of Forbes "Doolittle's Disciples" article
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Photos from the Schneider Cup Re-enactment events
Jeff Waldrop Aerographics  Want Artwork created like we did? Jeff did our first three posters shown below.  Contact him at 1501 E. Tulare Ave. D, Tulare, CA 93274  USA  Ph.# (559) 688-1906
Prints of Classic Schneider Trophy Pictures, Posters and Program covers  
Lord Price Collection of Artwork and prints.

Great perspectives on many Schneider Aircraft  John Sarsfield original art is very unique for its perspectives. The artwork is filled with action as if you were there.

Impressive prints of Schneider aircraft racing    Beautiful action filled paintings of three Supermarine S6b's and a Curtiss R3C-2  

Artwork of many of the Schneider Cup Aircraft   Erik Chipchase illustrations of many of the Schneider Cup Racers.

Humorous look at Schneider Racing Aircraft   Imaginative look at what might have been with a slant towards humor.   
Jean de Besombes 1991 RCM article
Curtiss Returns Home and its transformation into electric power
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Aircraft List by Manufacturer, event year entered and race number
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Restoration of the 1931 World Speed Record Trophy
Roland Garros at Monaco by Steve Remington
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