Photos and Text of Schneider Cup Events and Aircraft

Aircraft by race w/speed/pilot
Great Site for Schneider Trophy History
X Planes a site with numerous Schneider Photos
History of the Schneider Trophy Race Series
1914 Sopwith Tabloid 
1921 Macchi M-7
British view of 1923 Schneider Cup Race
Dornier Schneider Trophy Projects
Newspaper story Pre-1925 race in Baltimore
Newspaper post race news of 1925 race in Baltimore
Valuable Curtiss R3C photos and info
N.A.S.M., Curtiss Racer restoration
1925 Gloster IIIA 
1925 British View  plus Broad Arrow engine
1925 Supermarine S-4 and 27 Short Cursader
1926 Macchi M-39 
1927 Short Crusader 
1927 Kirkham-Williams Racer 
1929 Schneider Race
RJ Mitchell history 
RJ Mitchell history 2 
Fiat C-29
Fiat C-29 (Italian)
Macchi MC-72

Full Scale Schneider Trophy Links
The men, the machines and the history they made.
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London Bridge Seaplane Classic
Books, drawings and 3-views
Schneider Cup Artwork and Posters
Schneider Cup RC Plans, Kits, products Links
Schneider Cup Re-enactment RC Event
Schneider Cup Home
Building the 1/3rd scale Curtiss R3C-2
History of the Schneider Trophy
Interesting Reading

Piaggio PC7 unique Schneider aircraft with photos/ website in Italian

Click here for much more information at Books and Drawings
Photos from the Schneider Cup Re-enactment events
Gloster VI
Macchi 39
Macchi 52
Macchi 67
Piaggio PC7
Jean de Besombes 1991 RCM article
Curtiss Returns Home and is transformed into electric power
Video and Newsreel of Schneider Aircraft and Events
Pathe Newsreels of Various Schneider events
1929 Schneider Trophy Newsreel footage
Newsreel of Macchi MC.72 Record Attempt
Schneider Cup Re-Enactment Video
1925 Schneider Trophy Footage
Doolittle's win in 1925
Curtiss R3C-2
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Aircraft List by Manufacturer, event year entered and race number
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Restoration of the 1931 World Speed Record Trophy
Reno Air Race History
John Skelton Blogs:  
Kinkead's Crash in S.5       
Mitchell’s S5 and S6s Mods and Mishaps
Mitchell's Sea Lion II – colour?
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