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History of the Schneider Trophy
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London Bridge Seaplane Classic RC Float Fly
Schneider Cup Re-Enactment Giant Scale RC Event
Artwork and Posters
Schneider Books, 3 Views and Drawings
Building and Flying the 1/3rd Scale Curtiss R3C-2
Reprint of Forbes "Doolittle's Disciples" article
Balsa or Fiberglass Kits

This is Precision Cut Kits / Don Smith's 1/4 scale Curtiss R3C-2   They offer full kits, short kits and a fiberglass cowl. Scale floats are not available. They can cut other kits also. 

Jim Pepino's 1/5th and 1/4 scale Supermarine S6b cut by Kit Cutters Inc.   Pepino plans made a great flying racer, now you do not have to scratch build it. They also have a link to High Flight review of the S.6b.

Supermarine S6b and S4 fiberglass floats by 
Sea Commander  Check out their other offerings too!  

Hitec RCD - High quality radio systems and accessories Quality line of radio systems, servos, wiring, receivers and tx modules for most brands of radio systems.

Xtreme Power Systems 2.4 GHz  receivers and tx modules for everybody   Pioneer in 2.4GHz technology they make tx modules and receivers for most radio systems. Mine has worked flawlessly for more than four years.  Their latest offerings are even more amazing. 

Aircraft Spruce and speciality, a great source for Dopes, spruce etc for your model In bulding our 1/3rd scale Curtiss R3C-2 for the Schneider Cup Re-enactment, we purchased our dopes, ceconite, spruce and other items from them.

List of RC Magazines world wide
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Photos from the Schneider Cup Re-enactment events
Plastic or Resin Kits

1/72nd Scale Resin Kits of Supermarine S4 / Macchi M52 & M52r / Piaggio-Pena PC7

1/48th Scale Plastic Kit of the Curtiss R3C-2    Testors also made the Supermarine S.6b at one time.
Plans and 3-Views

Plans for Don Smith 1/4 scale Curtiss R3C-2     Precision Cut Kits now own the rights to Don Smith Plans

Jim Pepino Plans  1/5 and1/4 scale Supermarine S6b  These plans were widely used in the Schneider Cup Re-Enactment.  

Plans for the Supermarine S6b In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the outright winning of the Schneider Trophy, Tony Nijhuis presents this 54" span racing seaplane plan for you to build/RC Model World September 2006 Issue No. 271

Raceplanes by Robert S. Hirsch very accurate drawings and 3-views of many of the Schneider Cup Aircraft.  To request a brochure write or call:
Raceplanes 8439 Dale St. Buena Park, CA. 90620     Phone: 1(714)828-7369
Jean de Besombes 1991 RCM article
Curtiss Returns Home and its transformation into electric power
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Aircraft List by Manufacturer, event year entered and race number
Restoration of the 1931 World Speed Record Trophy
Protection and Storage for your Fiberglass Aircraft Kits and Completed Aircraft

ABF UPack  If you don't have a basement, attic, garage or spare room to store your aircraft, aircraft kits and tools, choosing a friends house or pod storage facility can be a useful option.

Pack Up Your Supplies  Make sure you collect, organize and store your supplies and tools in a place where they will be kept safe until the next time you need them. 

Aircraft Storage and Protection  Make sure you protect your investment and find a good place to store your aircraft.  

​Not a modeler? Want to learn?
In Seattle Washington, a group of Boy Scouts used the Schneider Cup website to help them earn their aviation Merit Badges. Francesca Davis, their leader said that the Scouts suggested the following website might be of additional help for those interested in learning to build model aircraft. Thanks guys.
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