The Trophy (pictured in the upper left corner of this page) was posted in 1912 by M. Jacques Schneider, famed French sportsman and maker of firearms.  The Schneider Trophy and a financial prize was posted to promote the developement of seaplanes. Schneider felt that seaplanes offered a more cost effective way to create air travel and commerce because nearly every city had either a coast line, river or lake, eliminating the need to construct expensive airfields that the land based aircraft would need. 
Schneider Trophy History
Schneider Trophy Aircraft 1913-1931 by Derek N. James, Putnam Press 1981 Excellent

The Speed Seekers by Thomas Foxworth, Doubleday, 1974 . ISBN 0-385-06050-5 Excellent

Schneider Trophy Racers by Robert Hirsch, Motorbooks International, 1993 ISBN 0-87938-6169
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The trophy itself is an overwhelming object of art nouveau style. Designed by E. Garbard, it is a silver-plated casting of a woman with wings, the Spirit of Flight,  kissing the waves in which appear four heads of young men: Neptune and three Tritons.
M. Jacques Schneider
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Restoration of the 1931 World Speed Record Trophy
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